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Did you say "bundling?"

If you haven’t grown tired of hearing that word yet, then maybe it’s not too late to explain what it means.  In a word it means, consolidating your insurance with one company (oops! that’s six words.)  The point of having your home and auto insurance policies with the same company is that you may be able to save a lot of money off of your premium.  For instance, our companies (not the FAIR Plan) offer a 20% discount off of your home, condominium, or tenant’s policy if you also place your auto insurance with the same company.  You may also save as much as 10% off of your auto policy (not the Mass. Auto Insurance Plan - MAIP) if you place it with the same company that now handles your homeowner’s policy.  These savings can amount to a considerable amount of premium dollars that you did not have to spend, over time. There are other ways to save money as well such as green discounts, paying by electronic fund transfer, multi-policy discounts, low mileage discounts, and good student discounts.  Good thing that we offer them all as well as bundling. Thank you for visiting our website.    

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Get Discounts but Don't Skimp on your Coverages

August 17, 2016
Many companies advertise that they can save you up to 15% off of your auto insurance. The truth is that they are not alone. Most companies offer discounts that will help reduce your auto premiums. Here are just a few:

Low Mileage Discount (this may vary depending upon your mileage)
Good student discount 
Student away from home discount
Over 65 discount
Multi-Car discount
Home and Auto with the same company discount
Auto Club discounts

There may be other discounts as well. Keep in mind that while you may want to get the lowest premiums possible, do not let it be at the expense of good coverage. The reason for having auto insurance is to protect you should there be a claim, so don't skimp on your coverages. After the accident, its too late. 

The Best Mosquito Repellent Ever

July 25, 2013
    Now that mid-summer as arrived, you may enjoy sitting on your back porch or balcony watching the sunset.  Ah Summer!  You have probably noticed, however, that mosquitoes want to join you in your sunset revelry. As a result, you may have rushed  to the local pharmacy to buy bug spray to keep from being eaten alive by those pesky critters. But there may be an easier and more effective way of keeping mosquitoes at bay, at least on your porch, balcony, or deck.  You probably already own it an...
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Do You Need a BOP for Your Business?

July 8, 2013

    As every business owner knows there are many perils that he or she faces on a daily business: fire, theft, vandalism, law suits as a result of a customer having an accident (slip and fall for example) on the the business premises, loss of business income resulting from a loss. It is, therefore, critical that any business that qualifies establish a Business Owners Policy to protect te business owner and the business.  Please take a minute to review the video below to learn how a BOP policy...
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"Get Storm Claims Paid Fast''

June 29, 2013

    An article, Get Storm Claims Paid Fast in the August, 2013 issue of Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, discussed the steps that you need to take to file and follow up on a claim. Here are some key points mentioned in the article:

  • Call your insurance agent or the company right away.
  • Take notes on your calls and follow up with the insurance company by e-mail to create a paper trail.
  • Photograph any damage.
  • Make basic repairs to prevent further damage to your property but wait until...

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Best Times to Go to the Registry

June 7, 2013

If you have ever waited an hour or two at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, you might have wondered if there ever was a good time to go to the Registry.  It turns out that there are certain says of the week that worse than others, such as Monday and Friday. There are also worse times of the day to go to the Registry such as noon to 2:00 P.M.  The first and last weeks of the month tend to be the busiest weeks as well. An artice posted on the Registry's own website helps to explain why these time...
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Check Your Policies

March 25, 2013

     It goes without saying that your home, auto, life, or disability policies are like money in the bank in the event of a loss.  That is why you should review your coverages at least annually.  If you have added an addition to your home and not advised your agent, the coverage may be inadequate should there be a loss.  If you have not checked your auto insurance in a while, you may be driving around with coverage more appropriate to 2003 than for 2013. 

     Likewise life or disability insur...

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Protecting Your Most Important Asset - Your Income

August 11, 2012

Have you ever wondered what would happen should you suffer a long term disability?  It is a question that should not go unanswered as even a short term disability (one year or less) may result in the depletion of savings and retirement accounts. While Social Security may provide a "safety net" should a worker suffer a long term disability, it is typically difficult to qualify for benefits and the benefits may be too low to maintain your current lifestyle.  While you probably have Worker's Com...

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Protecting Personal Assets

December 28, 2011
    Most Americans are concerned with protecting their personal and financial assets.  However, these concerns sometimes cannot be met if insurance coverages are not periodically reviewed and updated.  This is true for almost all lines of insurance: homeowners, automobile, commerical insurance, life, and disability income insurance. 
    Anyone who has made improvements to his or her home knows that upon completion of the project, be it adding new windows or a new kitchen, the thought must be...
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