Most Americans are concerned with protecting their personal and financial assets.  However, these concerns sometimes cannot be met if insurance coverages are not periodically reviewed and updated.  This is true for almost all lines of insurance: homeowners, automobile, commerical insurance, life, and disability income insurance. 
    Anyone who has made improvements to his or her home knows that upon completion of the project, be it adding new windows or a new kitchen, the thought must be that the value of the home has just increased, and it may be true.  However, many homeowners fail to examine their insurance policies to make sure that they are adequately covered should there be a catastrophic loss.  For instance a fire might result in considerable damage if not a total loss. A home that is inadequately insured may not be rebuilt to replicate the destroyed home because the insurance was inadequate to do so. 
    A breadwinner who dies suddently and leaves a spouse with dependent children may have thought that his life insurance at work was adequate but his spouse may find out otherwise after he or she dies.  The needs of a surviving family are often great such as paying off a mortgage, paying monthly food, light, heat, and other bills, as well as paying for college expenses for children.

    That is why reviewing insurance policies on an annual basis is the prudent thing to do and we can help with our annual insurance review services.  It's free and no obligation.  Give us a call.  Drop off your polcies. Let us know what your insurance and financial objectives are.  We will get to work.